Tomatech is a privately owned company comprising of highly qualified and skilled
expert breeders and seed production managers, led by Dr. Favi Vidavski and a team of
specialized, supportive and accomplished growers and distributors.ֲ Each member of
the team has an enviable professional reputation built on 15 years plus experience
in their fields.

We like to work in strategic partnership with companies that have vision, passion
and commitment to provide superior quality fresh tomatoes.
We use classic breeding techniques combined with the latest advanced breeding technology.
All our products are Non GMO and can be certified organic.

Tomatoes are not just our business, they are our passion.


On-going work is being done on "RAF varieties" , the taste being based on volatile components of the fruit. The new varieties which we call  "Terroir Varieties"  will have the taste and color of the original type together with a strong resistant plant (afforded by modern  advanced technology),  adapted  to the specific soil structure needed in order to preserve the fantastic old days tomato flavor.