Tomatech Breeding

Tomato Breeding

Breeding is the company's main priority. Our focus is on the research, development and breeding of tomato hybrids.

We judge success by our customers satisfaction.

The breeding process starts in the lab, continues in the field, and is refined by our marketing knowledge which allows us to tailor the products to suit our customers needs. It is a continual progression; we are always striving to breed the ultimate tomato to fulfill grower, retailer and consumer requirements.

Our aim is to combine:

Genetic knowledge

Understanding of Market needs.

Marketing expertise.

to a Value added product

We can supply tailor made solutions enabling you to provide your customers with produce that is unique, superior in quality and fulfills all your desired attributes.
The exceptional breeding program behind all of our products means we can tailor disease resistance, shelf life, shape, colour, flavor, balance and texture to meet your needs.


Tomatech Breeding