General Description:

 Tomatech Ltd is a dynamic and creative Seed House which produces high quality hybrid tomato seeds using advanced molecular technology research combined with classic breeding techniques. Breeding is the company's main priority. The company's focus is on the research, development and breeding of tomato hybrids. The company's main office is in Rehovot, Israel. Seed production in Israel is carried out by the sub-contractor Zion Farm, owned and operated   by one of the owners of Tomatech. Seeds are sold worldwide by Tomatech through a network of independent distributors.

GSPP Sites:  Zion Farm, Moshav Tekuma, Israel

Quality Policy and Scope :

     The owners and management of Tomatech Ltd. are committed to providing their customers with hybrid tomato seeds of the highest standards. To this end, a Quality Management System (QMS) has been developed to assure that these standards are maintained. The QMS  conforms to the GSPP standard, as Tomatech wants to be able to provide tomato seeds to customers who demand the GSPP certification and also to protect the company's activities, from Clavibacter and other seed borne pathogen infections.

The scope of the QMS covers seed production, beginning from the sampling and testing of starting material, and continuing through the shipment of the seeds from Tomatech and customer service.